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Introduced in 1984 with similar k jet injection to the late mk1s. Later examples had digifant injection, and frequently had higher option levels.

Available alongside the 8V from 1986 the 16V model increased power to 139bhp. Late big bumper models are particularly desirable.

mk1 series 2

Built in low numbers, and very few good examples survive. Revvy 1600cc engine and early examples came with a 4 speed gearbox.

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WagenWheels is an early Golf GTI specialist based in Southampton. We have been selling quality examples of the MK1 and MK2 Golf GTI for over a decade, along with select classic vehicles including the MGB and MGC in both GT and roadster format, along with early Porsche 911s and interesting performance cars. We also carry a large stock of new and used parts for early Golfs.

MK1 series 1

mk2 8 valve

mk2 16 valve

Various body and trim changes over the series 1 model. Later examples came with a torquier 1800cc engine and trip computer.